• View attendance for each class, student, or school level
  • Accessible for class teachers directly from their dashboard page
  • List of all classes for a day for administrative staff
  • Clear labeling to show which classes require attendance marking, as well as which classes have and have not been marked
  • Unknown absences available in one page for administrative staff, to allow sending of notification to carers
  • Carers able to choose from school-defined explanations for their child’s absence, directly through Educonnex
  • Absenteeism for a school event calculated as an attendance in government reporting
  • Late arrival recording, including reason
  • Early departure recording, including reason, who collected the student, and which guardian authorised (when they are not collecting the student themselves)
  • Student attendance records can be viewed under profile according to explained and unexplained absences, arrivals, departures, day and class attendance
  • Carers able access student attendance records

With the Educonnex attendance module, schools can keep accurate, real-time, daily records of all students’ attendance. Whether you are in the classroom, on an excursion or in the playground, you simply identify the student by their portrait image on your screen and press. Aside from attendance marking, you’re also able to record late arrivals and early departures.

Absence notifications can be sent out using a text message, email, or push notification – the preference for how your school community receives these can be set by each user according to their own preferences. In addition to these notification options, carers can provide explanations for the absence directly through Educonnex, choosing from one of the pre-defined categorisations set by the school.

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