Academic Reporting

The academic reporting module is a one-stop location developed in consultation with schools,
to produce comprehensive and quality academic reports.
Set out into stages, the start to end process offers a clear guide for co-ordinators to follow.

This includes:

  • Permission-based access to the reporting process, to allow the appropriate staff access to areas which require their input or review
  • 3 Academic report templates to choose from
  • School-defined grading for courses and outcomes
  • Ability to scale marks into grades
  • Physical or electronic staff signatures
  • Electronic, permission-based access to view published academic reports from each student’s profile
  • Downloadable PDF to print and send out physical copies to each family

Educonnex provides a complete outcome-based academic reporting module for both primary and secondary schools. The grading system, courses and outcomes are configured by the school and managed within Educonnex so it becomes a one-stop location for recording the academic achievements of each student.

Teachers are notified when it is time for them to enter reporting information for their classes into Educonnex, and will be able to enter the overall result, results for each outcome, as well any associated comments for each student. The process also allows for cross-checks by other staff members to ensure consistency in reporting standards.

Once published, it is available for retrieval from within Educonnex, to those who have permission to retrieve the report.

Educonnex generates Academic Reports based on three different templates. Each of these templates allows for school branding and various reporting preferences.

Click here to see a sample Academic Report

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