• Create a timetable for several academic year levels
  • Choice between calculating attendance based on time at school, or periods attended
  • Timetable blocks set by the school, including teaching and non-teaching
  • Runs timetables with an alternating week structure
  • Choose which periods are used for attendance marking, and what percentage they account for
  • Account for non-school days
  • Warnings about availability conflicts for teachers and locations when creating timetables
  • Search filter by staff member, location and subject
  • Copy and update an existing timetable to create a new timetable
  • Complete a timetable early if ongoing changes are required
  • Can change teachers or locations on active timetabled periods
  • Form composite classes across multiple academic year levels

Educonnex provides a comprehensive timetable that is unique in its flexibility. Create a new timetable from scratch or clone current timetables and make modifications without affecting the original. Educonnex Timetable can be used to create timetables for each year level, as well as more complex arrangements. Multiple year levels sharing the same timetable are easy to read, thanks to colour-coding.

Even when there’s variations like a short- or long-term change to the teacher or location for a class, the details can be updated for active timetables. This is particularly handy if there is a staffing change, ensuring that even a relief teacher is able to mark attendance and access any information the school wants them to be able to see.

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