We make enrolments easy. With an online wizard to guide you through every step, it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Integrates with “Enrolled” – By Educonnex, so that applications can be held and managed separately until approved
  • Carers can complete application details in “Enrolled”, freeing up valuable staff time
  • Track individual application progress
  • Administrative staff can create applications using the Application Wizard directly in Educonnex, just as a carer would complete in “Enrolled”
  • Allows planning for incoming years without the hassles of paper information
  • Search all applications based on their current status (pending, processing, rejected, offer made, cancelled, enrolled, etc.)
  • Set future enrolment dates

The beginning of a students journey in Educonnex, Enrolments is a user-friendly tool to take children from their initial enquiry through to an enrolled student. Simply input all information through an Enrolment Wizard built to collect all of the data you require.
Any associated information or documents required by the school can be uploaded as part of the application process, so that the Registrar has the information on hand when they need it.

Manage all of your enrolments by year, classes, and family relations, with extensive analysis and reporting to help identify trends and estimates for the future.

For more detailed information, contact us and we’ll be in touch.