Educonnex: Connecting Your School Community
Educonnex: Connecting Your School Community
Educonnex: Connecting Your School Community

About Us

With over 20 years’ experience in school software industry, Educonnex comes with a wealth of solutions for school administration to benefit the whole school community, with the students’ requirements at the heart of everything we do.

The best part? Fresh and easy to use, you won’t be left feeling like you are using software that was built in the 90’s when the Spice Girls reached their peak.

From parent teacher interviews, to subject selections, to a full-blown administration system
– Educonnex is all about making administration efficient for the whole school community…and we are only just getting started!

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Connecting over 20 million people in more than 15 countries

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Newman College - Logo
Newman College

“PTO has been really easy to set up. I have asked for help each year to set up specialist teachers that need to see the whole year group rather than standard teachers and classes, and a few other small issues. Each time it has only taken a phone call, which has been answered straight away, and CountryNet staff have always been happy and willing to walk me through it. Exceptional service.”

Good Shepard Christian School - Logo
Good Shepherd Christian School

“Educonnex has been revolutionary for our School. It has simplified everyday tasks and the layout is easy to navigate and user friendly. Educonnex staff are always readily available to support us when we need assistance.”

Catholic Education Services - Diocese of Cairnes
Catholic Education Services – Diocese of Cairns

“The newest College onboard with our School Information Systems used SSO for the first time with Junior subject selections. They are delighted to be transitioning to paperless process, which removes the work intensity of collecting forms and translating choices into Excel spreadsheets. Being able to transfer student subject selection data directly from SSO to the Timetabling software is seen as a great enhancement to their processes. They are looking forward to extending their usage of the product next year.”

Ocean Reef Senior High - Logo
Ocean Reef Senior Highschool

“Bringing SSO into Ocean Reef was a tremendous relief. It saved us time, reduced stress of staff and helped make the entire subject selection process smooth and efficient. I can’t speak highly enough of SSO.”

All Saints Anglican School

“This programme has been an absolute success! It is easy to use, intuitive, allows parents complete freedom to make their own arrangements in the comfort of their own homes at a time that suits them. Most importantly, from a staffing point of view, we have received very few calls from parents experiencing any difficulties.”