Admin Reports

Reports are available in 25 categories.
The reports in each of these categories allow:

  • Organisation into a list for quick access in ‘emergency’ situations
  • Name, description, categorisation, changes for reports that you have created and saved
  • Control over the visibility of reports based on a user’s role
  • Saving as a ‘favourite’ for reports that you frequently access, and
  • Choice of extract format, based on the nature of the report.

Extracts which you create yourself allow you to choose which columns of data you’d like in the report.

You can then define the conditions that need to be met, which determine what data will be returned.
The conditions adapt to the type of data it relates to, such as:

  • Date ranges
  • Starts with / ends with
  • Contains / does not contain
  • Minimum / maximum of
  • Between two numbers

These extracts can be saved so that they appear amongst your other reports. This will allow you to easily access updated versions of the extract at a later date. Extracted data allows the user to take the information and use it outside of Educonnex for purposes like statistical analysis and graphs.

Educonnex offers over 300 reports already designed, or you create your own reports by using our simplified ad-hoc extract generator to gather data not already in the many reports available.

The reports available cover various aspects of school information, from government-mandated information through to enquiry management.

If the information isn’t available in one of the reports, you can create a bespoke extract containing the data you need that fit the conditions you’re interested in.