Excursion Management

Educonnex has used the information provided by schools over the years to develop the most practical and functional event management system for any school

  • Permission slips can be distributed and signed 100% online as a legal document
  • Events attendance can be recorded separately or combined with class attendance
  • Select participants by school, campus, year, class or individual
  • Instantly create recurring events for those that happen on a regular basis
  • Event displays only in the calendar of the interested parties
  • Provide description and cost information to participants, leaders, and carers

As excursions are intrinsic part of school activity, it’s only natural that it would be part of Educonnex too.

As part of the Calendar Events, excursions can be added into the calendar. Even recurring excursions can be set up.

Educonnex looks at excursions with a more holistic approach. Getting permission for students to attend, as well as the option to use the excursion attendance marking for government-mandated reporting – no extra software required.

The details of the event also flow through to each participant’s calendar in Educonnex, whether the whole school is having a sports carnival, a camping trip for Year 9 and 10, or the debating team heading off to win a trophy for the school, the organisation can all be done through Educonnex.

The communications can be done through Educonnex, not only for getting consent, but sending reminders, or even messaging carers if the bus is getting back to the school later than planned.

A list of attendees is available on the Educonnex mobile app if you’re not in front of your computer to mark attendance.
Even when heading to an area that won’t have mobile coverage, the list of attendees can be downloaded, which will save any attendance marking until it can connect back to the server.

For more detailed information, contact us and we’ll be in touch.