• Mark attendance with just a few clicks
  • Marking late arrivals and early departures on class level
  • Items for a teacher to complete appear in the ‘Actions Required’ section of their dashboard
  • Mark results and comments for academic reports and assessments
  • Access to the parts of student profile they need
  • Tasks assigned to the teacher appear on the dashboard
  • Class timetables, events, and tasks appear on the dashboard

Educonnex recognises that teachers are given more and more responsibility, encroaching on not only their personal time, but also where they are most needed – teaching their students. The clear design of Educonnex means that teachers don’t need to waste their time finding what they need, whether it is the simple attendance marking, academic report entries, behaviour entries, or one of the many other functions available. The system is available at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. Increased face to face time means that teachers can put the focus back on their classes, and identify any students at risk.

Teachers can access the parts of their students’ profile, based on the permissions that the school has given their role including Attendance Marking, Behaviour Management, Medical Information, Academic Reports, Academic Information, Special and General Alerts. These are just examples – schools can decide which of these which or the other parts of Educonnex, that each teacher can access. It’s also up to the school to decide if teachers can view or change the parts of Educonnex that are available to them. This might be able to access additional areas or students that they teach, compared to other students that they have less involvement with.

Additionally, the Educonnex Mobile App gives access to selected functionality where teachers need to be on the go, such as bus duty, excursions, or morning assemblies. Access to the functionality in the Educonnex Mobile App is automatically applied just like it does in the full version, so no additional configurations are required. If the teacher has access to a mobile device with a large screen like a tablet, they can even access the full version of Educonnex without being stuck behind their desk.

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