Mobile App

  • Can add multiple schools that use Educonnex
  • Receives push notifications

The availability of the following features is determined by the access permitted by the school for the user’s role:

  • Allows users to update their own phone number and email address
  • Shows each student or staff member their classes for the day
  • Allows carers to respond to general consent requests
  • Shows carers absences for their children, and allows the carer to select an explanation
  • Allows carers to provide consent for excursions, showing cost and description
  • Provides access to links that the school has set to appear on the user’s dashboard
  • Shows contact details for schools and campuses
  • Displays students’ medical alerts and general alerts to appropriate staff
  • Click-through functionality for calls and emails to a student’s carers, to appropriate staff
  • Allows users to see their calendar, as well as calendars of their child

Educonnex has its own dedicated mobile app, which can be used as an extension to a desktop device.

Providing access to select features of Educonnex which can be needed when people are up and about, the mobile app can be used by staff, carers, and students to see information relevant them. Access to the features available on the mobile app is automatically applied from the users’ regular access on a desktop, so no additional setup is required.

The mobile app is perfect for accessing the basics when screen size is limited. Being completely web-based and responsive to screen size, Educonnex can be used on larger screen mobile devices such as tablets to access the full functionality of Educonnex, bypassing the need to use the dedicated mobile app.