Access to their own profile as determined by the school, including:

  • Communications preferences
  • Access to update phone number, email, and address
  • Invoices

Access to their child’s profile as determined by the school, including:

  • Attendance and Absence Records
  • Behaviour – Merit and Demerit
  • Timetable
  • Unexplained Absence Notifications
  • Sick Bay Visits
  • Medication Consents
  • General Consents
  • Choice of School-Defined Absence Explanations
  • Assessment Results
  • Academic Reports

Carers can engage with Educonnex to the level that the school chooses, even if different carers require different levels of access.

Based on the Roles and Permission the school sets, carers can access information about their children by either visiting the website or using the dedicated Educonnex Mobile App, both in iOS and Android. Naturally, carers can receive their communications from the school as an email, SMS, or push notification. What makes Educonnex great is that carers can choose how they receive different categories of communications from the school, like unknown absence notifications as an SMS, payment reminders as a push notification, and everything else via email.

Letting carers choose how they receive different communications doesn’t need to be a burden on the school’s administrative team. In fact, carers can log in and update their communications preferences, as well as their contact details, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and home address. This self-sufficiency goes beyond the carer. Educonnex creates the opportunity for carers to engage with their child’s school life as well. Schools can choose which parts of the student profile they would like carers to engage with. Some of these include attendance, sick bay visits, medication consents, behaviour records, assessments, academic reports, calendar, and many other functions. A school should be an extension of what parents teach their children at home, and reciprocally, carers should be able to encourage the education and personal that their child is receiving from the school.