School Calendar

  • Create calendar events and add organisers, leaders and participants
  • Participants have access to their events from the calendar in their profile
  • Notify carers when consent is required for their child’s event
  • See the list of participants marked with who has consent to attend
  • Mark the list of participants that have paid for an event
  • Events can be set up as a one-time or recurring series
  • Event Attendance can be marked
  • Offline attendance marking using the Educonnex Mobile App, which can be submitted once there is mobile data coverage
  • Marked rolls can be set to override any class attendance and the approved absence will be created for the day
  • Generate extracts for students’ roll and contact list

Gone are the days that you needed paper calendars, email calendars and Google Calendars to try and co-ordinate all the activities of the school in one place. Starting from basic one-on-one meetings, through to organising excursions, staff meetings, school functions, and everything between, any scheduled event can be managed within the school’s Calendar Events module.

This means that all the school community members will have their diaries automatically update with only the activities that are pertinent to them. Why should a Year 3 parent be advised of all the activities of Year 8 or 9 when it doesn’t involve them?

The School Calendar also permits different attendance marking options, which also cater for school events that replace regular attendance marking. With a single point of truth organising the each individual person’s calendar, the school community can see the parts that involve them, without having to see the super-highway of school events.

Educonnex allow you to set your own reports for calendar events according to your requirements.

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