• Branding
    Make Educonnex feel like a part of your school by choosing the login page background that shows off your school, and of course, the school logo. A welcome message can also be entered, visible whenever someone visits the school’s Educonnex login page.
  • Links
    External websites that are commonly used can be added to the login page. For external sites that should only be viewed by users who have logged in, the dashboard for users can also have links, which can even be set to only show to select users, and can even have start and end dates for the link to be displayed.
  • Home Groups
    Administrative groupings for students and associated staff members, which are separate to their academic class groupings.
  • Location Management
    This allows you to set any location within the school or outside as a location that can be further managed within Educonnex. From the smallest meeting room to the largest sporting venue, field or ground can be managed here, including the available facilities, capacity, and condition. The locations can then be appended to each class, so that participants know where to be.
  • Security
    The whole school community can access Educonnex, thanks to granular security. This allows all users to log into Educonnex, with the information available defined by the permissions associated to their role. Detailed audit logs of transactions is available to senior administration to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Student Rollover
    Manages the movement of students for the following academic year, allowing for students to proceed, skip, repeat, or leave. This includes the ability to test, so that any adjustments can be made before finalisation.
  • System Codes
    Set the code sets used throughout Educonnex to meet the needs of your school as well as any legislative reporting requirements. As these codes are defined by schools, the options available to select can be established and maintained by the school to facilitate consistency in data entry.
  • Tasks
    Manage internal tasks within the school staff, giving select staff the ability to assign tasks to other staff members, whilst allowing others to set tasks for themselves.
  • Term Dates
    Schools choose their own dates of operation as a framework, while allowing for variances for specific year levels where required.

The Administration module covers all the top-level technical management of the system.

By streamlining processes and centralising information online,
Educonnex enables your school to quickly and simply identify issues and opportunities.

Educonnex generates a multitude of reports including home groups, locations, system codes, roles, users, term dates, etc. Reports are typically available to administrative staff, who can disseminate information to other staff as deemed appropriate.

For more detailed information, contact us and we’ll be in touch.