• Billing Families, which allows to know who belongs in any given family and add billing responsibilities
  • Create and generate transaction batches
  • Generate invoices or invoice groups for transactions
  • Parents have access to transactions and invoices from their profiles
  • Set up all appropriate taxes necessary for the financial package
  • Accounts created according to the Chart of Accounts
  • Categories allowing products to be grouped
  • Individual discounts for specific products
  • Family discounts related to the number of siblings at school
  • Payment deadlines and responsibilities

These are all set by the school, ensuring that Educonnex fits your school, not the other way around.

School Business Managers will love how Educonnex understands the nuances of invoicing. There are complex arrangements found in no other business which Educonnex caters for, using micro-billing to accurately distribute charges to the right people. Of course, schools can set their own payment terms, categories and products, but features such as split billing, family discounts, other discounts, scholarships and payment instalments are all part of what Educonnex offers.

Perhaps a grandparent is paying for uniform costs, separated parents are splitting the tuition costs, while an aunt is paying for textbook and costs – Educonnex knows to apportion charges based on the arrangements that have been made, preparing the information ready for accounting packages like Xero.

While accounting packages aren’t built to handle the types of complexities of schools, the micro-billing in Educonnex was made for it, preparing the information so that the accounting package doesn’t have to understand schools like Educonnex does.

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