About Educonnex

Who We Are

Educonnex (formerly known as CountryNet Software Pty. Ltd.) has been in the Education sector for more than 20 years and has serviced over 1000 schools and 17,000,000 users across 15+ countries, all from a humble office based on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

World Map Showing Users of Our Products as dots

Our Origins

The company’s founder, Simon Totonjian has been a member of various school boards over a period of 20 years (chairing three schools) and quickly recognised that there were many school admin frustrations that weren’t being solved.

Based on his own experience, Simon has used his own passion and solidified the company’s vision to identify students who are at risk of falling through the cracks of the education system, combined with a solution to the call for help from school admin staff. And huzzah, this is where Educonnex stemmed from, with software designed around the student requirements.

The Journey

In 2006, we released our first ever software Parent Teacher Online (PTO) as the first Single Page Application ever designed worldwide, and this service has enjoyed over 15 million bookings globally.

Our schools found that this service could be used for multiple needs and now it has over 10 major applications. As the world has changed in recent times, PTO has continued to grow into the service that our clients require.

Since then, the creative juices kept flowing and Subject Selection Online (SSO) was born – a software which was created for the purpose of taking the stress out of the admin tasks associated with student’s subject selections by providing the whole experience online for everyone in the school community. Just like PTO, SSO has grown into a platform used for so much more, such as school voting, Student Pathways (SET plan), teacher preferences… and the list goes on!

Now and Beyond

More recently, starting as a “greenfield” project in 2012, Educonnex Core (formerly known as Educonnex) was created as a Platform as a Service, encompassing a state-of-the-art single database student information management system. This concept was conceived through a school board’s frustration when faced with paper-based processes tying up their admin time for what could and should be simple, digital alternatives. Coming to full development in 2020 and listening to our customers’ needs, Educonnex is proud to present one of our latest product as the future of student information management systems.

It doesn’t stop here! As the world continues to evolve, so do we and our product innovations! Enrolments, resource bookings, markbooks…. Keep watching this space.