• Grading schemes defined by the school which can be used for marking students’ courses, subjects, assessments, and academic reports
  • Conversion of numeric and non-numeric marks into grades
  • Document the requirements for assessments, including which outcomes from the course that are being assessed
  • Separate parts of an assessment to mark outcomes for different facets of the one submission
  • Record and publish assessment results from one centralised location
  • Each student can access their published assessments from their profile in Educonnex
  • Default staff members for each class, which can be amended as circumstances require
  • Easy roll in and roll out of students from classes
  • Replication and modification of courses from past to next academic year
  • Strong interconnection between subject and timetable administration
  • Academic reporting for each term or semester – refer to the dedicated section for more information

The Curriculum Management module is built around a tree structure:

Learning AreaCourseSubjectClass

Each level of the following is set by schools, based on the tailored academic program they offer.
Courses and Subjects can link directly to outcomes from the curriculum, as well as outcomes that each school may have of their own.
This paves the way for several different features which go above and beyond regular student information management.

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