• Create user access for an individual
  • Create users access for a group
  • Ability to lock and deactivate user profiles
  • Advanced search for users
  • Robust roles and permissions where you can define roles and give restricted permissions to them
  • No limitation on the number of roles that can be created
  • Easily manage roles by copy and modify, editing or deactivating
  • Ability to audit every single log based on permissions
  • Designed to set up audit configuration

Educonnex takes security seriously and to achieve this we ensure that all information and transactions are logged and are available to those who are authorised to view it.

This module allows you to search and filter the database at any level, so that you see who’s been doing what.

This is also the place to manage all the roles and permissions of all users of Educonnex. The permissions for each role in Educonnex allows schools to manage all aspects of a user’s access to Educonnex. What this means is that the school leadership can create as many roles as they wish, and allocate permissions. Permissions include whether the user can ‘view’, ‘update’, ‘deactivate’, ‘create’ or ‘perform’. Each area of Educonnex has its own set of permissions and many of these even further controlled for specific circumstances, like only letting a teacher access behaviour for students that are in their class. Our granular permissions show how seriously we take data security.

Users’ access to Educonnex is really easily managed, too. With one click in the user’s profile, their access to Educonnex can be disabled or re-enabled as required. You can even change the role of a user, without needing to create a brand new profile.

The school’s data belongs to the school – Educonnex is there to protect it.

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