• Community members can set their own communications preferences for each type of communication
    (SMS, email or push notifications)
  • Create communication templates and types for continuous usage
  • Delivery to the three different options can be set up in the same screen
  • Can send to individual community members, targeted groups, or the whole school community
  • Create and save communications in a draft for later sending
  • All carers for students that are absent without explanation can be messaged at the same time
  • Educonnex login details can be sent out from one screen when the accounts are created in bulk

Now communication between from your school’s staff to students’ families can be managed around events such as meetings, excursions and interviews through this seamless system.

Each community member can choose their own preference for each type of communication sent by the school.
The options available are:

  • Emails
  • Push notifications*
  • SMS

*using the dedicated Educonnex Mobile App