Transaction Batch

To create new Transaction batches

  1. Go to Menu > Finance > Micro-Billing > Create Transaction Batches.
  1. Complete the data entry fields. Below is a description of each field:
NameGive the batch a name that easily identifies what is included in the batch.
Batch DateThis date will always usually be today’s date which will be pre-populated.
SchoolThe school that this Transaction Batch relates to.
DescriptionGive a more detailed description as to what the batch includes.
  1. Once completed click Save. A new screen will appear. This will show you the Transaction Batch information.

To add a product to a transaction batch

  1. Click on the Products button. 
  1. Click New.
  1. Enter the name of the product you wish to bill the client. Once selected the following information will be automatically added.

Repeat this process if multiple products are being billed. 

To add clients to a transaction batch:

  1. Click on the Clients button.
  1. Click New to add a single client OR click Add clients to add multiple clients and follow screen prompts.
  1. Click Save.

Now when you return to your Information Button for this Transaction Batch you will now see a summary of the original total (the full amount of the batch) and the modified subtotal (the batch total less any discounts applied to the transactions within the batch). 

If you are happy with your data it is time to generate the batch. 

  1. Click Action > Generate Transactions. A confirmation message will appear.
  1. Click Generate Transactions.

Once completed the status will change to Pending and the Details tab will be updated with the total. A new button will be available. This is the Transactions Button. This shows you all the transactions in this batch.
Where the label ‘Modified’ appears a discount has been applied. Click on the individual transaction to view more information.

If after doing this you decide that the generated transaction batch is incorrect, you can click Actions > Renew Transaction Batch. This will put it into an editable form.

If you wish to delete a transaction batch at any point in time click Actions > Delete Transaction Batch.

  1. If you are happy with the data, click Actions > Activate Transaction Batch. A confirmation message will appear. 
  1.   Tick Please Confirm and Click Activate Transactions

To create another transaction batch click Actions > New Transaction Batch.

You are now ready to generate an invoice.