Communication templates allow you to set up standard templates for your communications. Within a message template, you can set a header and/or a footer, set whether the template requires a subject (for instance a subject would generally be required for an email template) and whether the template is to be used for SMS or email communications. It is mandatory that you have at least one template created before communications can be sent. It can be blank. The body of the messages will be set when creating the actual message.
To create a template:

  1. Go to Menu > Communications > Configuration

A new screen will appear:

  1. Select the Templates card.
  2. Click Actions > New Template.

A new screen will appear.

  1. Complete the appropriate fields for the template. Below is a description of each field:
NameName the template.
DescriptionGive the template a description. Keep in mind that the first part of the description will show on the left side for future reference so the pertinent words need to be at the beginning of the description.
Supported Channel Email/SMS/Push – will this template be sent by email, SMS or push notification
Add Subject to MessageWhen the message has a subject entered (which is set up at the point of creating the communication) will you want the subject included in the message?
HeaderThis is where you can create a header for your message – most likely used for Emails – but could be a simple word or phrase for the start of all your SMS.
FooterThis is where you can create a footer for your message – most likely used for Emails – but could be a simple word or phrase for the end of all your SMS.
  1. Click Save.

Recommended TemplatesEmail Template – which contains an official footer sign off (this can be done for as many sign-offs as required).
SMS Template – could contain a footer with school contact number
Push Notification Template – to be used to send communications to those parents using the Educonnex Android or iOS app
Absence Template – a separate absence template created for your automated messages to parents regarding Unknown Absences.