Tax Types

You need to set up all the appropriate Tax Types that are used within your financial package.  It is essential that these tax types match your accounting software tax types. For the purposes of these help notes – we will be assuming you are integrating with Xero.

To create a Tax Type:

  1. Go to Menu > Finance > Tax Type > Create New Tax Type A new screen will appear. 
  1. Complete the data entry fields. Below is a description of the fields:
NameThe name of the Tax Type – this can be any name that you wish to give the Tax – E.g. GST on Sales, GST on Exports etc
Tax TypeThis is the actual type that will be the same as the tax type in your accounting package. E.g. OUTPUT Tax, INPUT Tax, EXEMPT etc
SchoolThe school for which this tax type will be available.
AccountThe account number that matches your accounting package that relates to GST. Easy to attach a tax type to an account when creating the account.
Tax RateThe rate of the tax (E.g. 10%)
DescriptionIf you need to further explain what this tax type should be used for it can be included in the description. This field is not mandatory.
  1. Once completed click Save. A new screen will appear. The Tax Type information is now displayed.

To create another tax type click Actions > New Tax Type.

To deactivate a tax type click Actions > Deactivate Tax Type.