Student Roll-Over

The student roll-over function allows your school to roll all your students up an academic year level at the end of the school year. This process will automatically roll out students who are currently in their final academic year at your school (eg. Year 12 or Year 6 or Year 10) and roll current students up a year level. It will also allow for setting exceptions so that, for instance, students leaving who are not in their final year level will be rolled out, students who are repeating a year will not be rolled up and students who are skipping a year will be rolled up two year levels.

Prior to running the roll-over you should ensure the following things have been completed:

  1. Indicate students who are leaving, repeating or skipping in their student profile
  2. Check those new students being enrolled have had their application processed and are listed as a future student, as well as having their expected start date set on their future student profile to a date in the following year.

To access the student roll-over

  1. Go to Menu > Administration > Student Roll-Over. Your screen will look similar to this:
  1. Select the current academic year that you want to finalise.
  1. Ensure all the tasks listed on the instruction box have been completed.
  2. If you wish to test the results before running the roll-over, select the Test Mode checkbox. This will show you the results of the rollover without completing it, so you can make adjustments if necessary.
  3. Click on the Start Roll-Over button 

A confirmation message will appear.

Once the roll-over has been completed (outside of test mode) this cannot be reversed. 

  1. Tick Please Confirm checkbox then click OK. Educonnex will now begin the roll-over process. 

Once completed, a green tick will appear. The roll-over notes contain a summary of what actions were taken during the roll-over.

For a more detailed view of what was completed, click on Show Details located in the Roll-Over Notes card .Each individual student and the action that was taken for that student will be listed.