Signature Selections

In the Signature section, you can list the staff members whose signature should appear on the academic report.The overall position of the signatures is determined by the template (eg, on the front page vs. the back page). However, which signature appears in these predefined areas is set by the order of this list.

The following table gives you a brief description of the fields in the Signatures section:

PositionEnter the position description of the staff member as it should appear on the academic report. 
Staff MemberEnter the staff member whose signature should appear on the academic report.
The signature uploaded under the staff member’s community profile will be included in the academic report. For how to upload a signature, see below.
OrderUse the arrows to define the order of the signatures in the academic report.

To upload a signature against a community member:

  1. Go to the community profile of a community member
  2. Click Community Member Information
  3. Go to the Signature tab and upload a signature.