Setting Outcomes for a Subject

It is advised to set outcomes at a course level to ensure that, for each year the course runs, the default outcomes will not need to be re-created.

To set outcomes:

  1. Click the Outcomes tab. If outcomes have not been entered this screen will appear:
  1. Click Add Outcome.
  1. To add an outcome you can:
    • Select an existing Course outcome from the drop-down.
    • Enter a new subject outcome and grading scheme.
  1. You can enter as many levels of outcomes to suit your needs. To mark the Outcome as a header:
  • Click the Options icon.
  • Select This outcome is a heading. ‘Heading’ as a blue label will appear.
  1. To add a sub-outcome click the + button.

A new outcome box will appear below.

6. To reorder outcomes click and drag them to the position you require.
You can see in the screen below that the outcome has been picked up and can now be moved. The green background will show you where it currently is or where you move it too. 

  1. Once completed click Save.