Setting Favourites and Bookmarking Screens

Setting Favourites enables you to group areas of Educonnex, in which you spend a lot of time, into a Favourites menu.   
Setting Bookmarks enables quick and easy access for menu items that become your ‘norm’.

To add a screen to either of these:

  1. Go to Menu > School Community > Search students.
  1. Click on the Star icon.
  1. Select a name that suits you to store the page under. 
  2. Select which folder (Favourites or Bookmark Bar) you wish to access the page in.  Additional folders can be created in the Menu.
  1. Click Save Favourite. Access to this page will now be available under Favourites in the Menu. 

To have a page as an option in both your Favourites and your Bookmarks bar, you need to repeat the process, changing the folder in which the page is stored (step 4).

Bookmarks can also be created by clicking and dragging the Menu Item that you wish to save as a bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar. Bookmarks can be removed from the Bookmarks Bar by clicking on the bookmark and dragging it to the Trash Can that will display at the bottom of your screen.