Publishing Assessment Results to Students’ Profiles

Once results have been entered for a completed assessment, the each result can be published to the respective students’ profiles.

Important: Outcomes

Before publishing, ensure that the top level of any nested outcomes is selected. If the top level is not selected, the assessment will not display any content.

Click Publish Results in the top right corner to begin publishing results to the profiles.

A new modal will appear. Tick the information you want to publish from the Results page.

If your results just have a single component, it will look similar to this:


If your results contain multiple sections or grade conversion schemes, it will look similar to this:

Once you have ticked the result information you want to display, click ‘Yes, publish results’ to complete the transaction.

The information will then be available to view in the students’ profile, in the Student Details button, then the Assessments tab.

By clicking on the row with the assessment details, the information for the assessment can be displayed: