Overview of Community Member Profile

When you are looking at any community member profile (Student, Staff, Parents etc), you will have the option of a number of different buttons to the left of the screen. Access to these areas, and some sub-areas are determined by permissions set by the school’s Educonnex user administrator.

Community Member InformationContains the following information about all community members:
Contact DetailsDisplays the contact details for the community member.
Relationships InformationHolds carer and relationship information. This screen also displays emergency contacts.
Medical InformationHolds information under the following categories:
Medication Consent
Sick Bay Visits
AlertsDisplays any data that has been entered as an alert for the community member.
Attendance InformationContains all student attendance information.
NotesDisplays all notes that have been saved against the community member. 
Staff ManagementContains staff government and staff position information. 
CertificationsDisplays all certifications that have been recorded against a community member.

Student Details
Displays all student specific and class information.
PermissionsDisplays all permissions that have been granted or denied for a student as required by the school.  
Other School DetailsAllows you to add data to a student as to their movements from other schools or to other schools.
AwardsThe Awards button displays the awards that have been achieved by the student. 
BehaviourDisplays the behaviour issues that have been logged against the student.  
Extra CurricularDisplays the activities that the student is involved in outside normal school curriculum.
CalendarDisplays the calendar for the week for the community member.
User Details
Displays the user information and assigned roles of the community member. 
FinanceDisplays the finance arrangements for the community member.
FilesDisplays all files that have been uploaded.