Marking Absence from Student Profile Page

To enter an absence:

  1. Go to Menu > School Community > Search Students.
  2. Search and select the student you are looking for. 
  3. Click the attendance button in the students profile. 
  1. Click the Absences tab.
  2. Select New Absence.

A modal will appear:

  1. Complete the New Absence fields.

Below is a description of each field:

Start DateThis is the date of the first day of the absence.
End DateThis is the date of the last day of the absence.
ExplanationThe reason for the absence.
Provided ByThe person who provided the absence information – this may be a parent in the event of a holiday or sickness etc. Or a teacher for an individual sporting event. For sporting events that require more than 1 student to attend, it is recommended that a Calendar Event is created and the roll marked there.
CategoriesThe category that the absence is to be placed in – this can be one or more categories E.g. Sick and Chicken Pox – it is totally dependent on the school policies. Absence categories are maintained by the school’s administration person in the System Codes section.
Absence is school approvedClick this box to mark the absence as School Approved, meaning it will not count towards any government attendance calculations. E.g. A student who is away at a regional sports carnival and therefore regarded as being present for attendance calculations but away from the school.
On-Site activityClick this box to mark the absence as being at an on-site activity. E.g. A student is at the regional sporting event which happens to be held at your school. So the student is absent from normal school timetabled classes, but actually on-site.
  1. Click Save.

The new entry will now appear. 
To edit details click the pencil icon.

To delete the entry click the deactivate icon.