Managing Roles

To edit an existing role

Go to Menu > Administration > Security > Roles.
There are two types of roles:

  1.   – This means that there can be conditions based on each permission.
  2. Non-Restricted – this means that applying permissions will give access to that particular function it for the whole site.

For either of these, click on the row of the role you wish to edit.

The next page shows the areas that you can adjust permissions for. The areas are displayed as buttons across the top. Hover over these or click    to see text instead in place of the icons. 
To change the permissions for the role, click    in the top right of the page. 

Tick or untick as required, for the permissions you want to change.

If there is conditions available for a permission, there will be a dropdown arrow on the left – click this to expand out the options.

For both    and non-restricted:
You need to tick the checkboxes you want to apply permission for. This applies the permission throughout all of Educonnex.

Additionally for  :
If conditions are available for the permission, you can then tick the condition/s you want. You must have the main permission ticked first. If you don’t want to put any conditions for the permission, just tick the top row, and leave the conditions below it as is. 
In order for the conditions to be available, the ‘Allow further restrictions to role’ must be ticked.
Note that you don’t have to apply conditions to each permission if it isn’t required.

When you’ve finished making changes to the role, click    to save.