To generate an invoice for transaction batches

  1. Go to Menu > Finance > Micro-Billing > Search Transaction batches.
  2. Search for and select the transaction batches you wish to generate an invoice for.
  3. Tick the checkboxes of the transaction batches. 
  1. Click Actions > Generate invoices for selected batches.
  1. Select a name and the invoice date.

The invoice date selected will be used to determine when bills are due based on individual payment configurations.

  1. Click Save.  The invoice group status will change to Pending
  2.  Go to Search Invoice Groups
  3. Select the invoice group/groups.
  4. Click Actions > Approve Selected Invoice Groups A confirmation box will appear.
  1. Click the confirmation checkbox and Save.

Once the invoice group has been approved, a spreadsheet can be extracted for import into Xero as well as a schedule of fees that can be sent to debtors from the Actions button on the approved invoice group