Grading Schemes

Grading schemes are where Educonnex will draw information about what marks are available to enter for a students’ achievements for a academic report or an assessment. You can enter the information of each marking scale you use at the school, and apply the scheme as appropriate throughout Subject Management and Academic Reports.

To create a new non-numeric grading scheme 

Go to Menu > Curriculum Management > Grades

If you see a grading scheme listed that you think is appropriate to use, click on the row to see more information about it.

If the options don’t match what you need, click Actions > New Grading Scheme in the top right corner of the page.

Complete the name and description field. If the grading scheme is similar to one you already have, consider giving it a name that will distinguish it from the similar entry. 

Enter the first grade, and give it a description. 

Each grade and description will appear in the key on the academic report. If the report contains more than one grading scheme, they will all appear in the same key together.

Add the next and subsequent grades by clicking the Add Grade button at the top of the page, as required.
The grade at the top should be the highest grade that can be achieved.

Click Save when you’ve finished entering all grades.

You can return to this page to edit grading schemes.

To apply a grading scheme

Grading schemes can be set up in the Details tab of a course, subject, or assessment.

Ensure that ‘Grading’ is selected for the the Grading Method field, which will then activate the Grading Scheme field.

Select your grading scheme from the options in the latter of these.
An example is shown below, but the fields may be in different rows, depending on the context of where you are adding the scheme.

Marking scheme (numeric)

If a number is being entered for a result, you don’t need to set up a grading scheme. You’ll be given the option to enter marks when setting up the appropriate option.