Grade Conversion Schemes

It’s possible to convert numerical marks into a different scale in Educonnex. 

To create a new conversion scheme

Go to Menu > Subject Management > Grades

Review the existing grading scheme that you want to convert to. When setting up a conversion scheme, the new conversion scheme from needs to have the same number of bands .

Click on the row to check in more detail, if required.

To create the scheme you’ll convert from, click on Actions and select New Conversion Scheme.

By default, there will be five ranges. If this doesn’t match what the to grades are, you can click the remove icon for any unused row.

Starting from the highest range, fill in each percentage row so that it matches up to corresponding grades. 

Click Save when completed.

When compared side by side, this is what will happen when the results are entered for academic reports and assessments:

To apply a grade conversion scheme

Grading conversion schemes can be applied in the Details tab of a course, subject, or assessment.

Ensure that ‘Marking with Grading’ is selected for the the Grading Method field.

in Grading Scheme, select the to grading scheme, as in what should appear on reports and assessments. 

In Conversion Scheme, select the conversion scheme which will be used to determine what to calculate the results from.

When results are entered, the conversion will be displayed as the results are entered.