Generating an Academic Report

Once all data for all academic levels has been entered and checked (depending on your work flow), you can generate the academic report. You can generate an academic report as often as necessary. Sometimes, it is useful to get a preview of what the academic report will look like.

To generate an academic report:

  1.   Under Student Entry, click Generate Documents. A confirmation message will appear.

You must select a template before generating report documents.

  2.  Tick to confirm and click Yes to perform the action. The academic report will be generated and a PDF as well as a ZIP version of the report will become available in the Documents card under Publish.

  • The PDF version will include all student reports in one PDF.
  • The ZIP version will include one PDF per student, each containing their own report.

Once the academic report is final and there is no need to make any adjustments, you can publish and then lock the academic report.