General Settings

In the Settings section, you can define the overall academic report template.

The following table gives you a brief description of the fields in the Settings section:

Field Description

HeadingDefine the academic report name that will appear on the actual academic report.
SubheadingDefine the subheading that will appear on the actual academic report.
TemplatesSelect a print template for the academic report.
Comment Character LimitDefine the maximal number of characters allowed for the Comment text field.
Include AbsencesTick this box if you wish to include students’ absences in the report.
Absence TypesSelect the type of absence (known or unknown) you would like to include in the academic report.
Split AbsencesIf you select All as Absence Type, you can define if you want the absences to be split into the different absence types or not.
Absences From and Absences UntilDefine the period for which you wish the number of absences to be calculated.