General Overview

This page provides an overview of your home page and how to access these functions. Each Home Screen will look slightly different depending on the design your school has chosen. 

Your Home Screen will  look similar to this:

This is the first icon displayed in the top left corner. It’s the menu and will display the various modules within Educonnex to which you have access, as determined by your school’s Educonnex administrators.
This is the Home Page menu.  Whenever you click on this icon it will direct you back to this page. The Home Screen will change from time to time as new features are introduced and schools adapt the home pages to suit their school environment.
This is the Lock icon.  When you click on this icon it will lock your Educonnex screen so that you can leave your computer without allowing anyone else to access Educonnex using your user profile. You will be required to enter your password to unlock the screen.
This is the Emergency icon. When you click on this icon it will show you frequently used emergency reports.
This is the Favourites icon.  When you are on a page that you visit regularly and wish to include it in your favourites section, click on this star.  It will then ask you if you want to keep it in your favourites menu or as a bookmark.
This is the Help icon. This button will provide you with access to help documentation. It will also provide you with the telephone and email contact details for the CountryNet Software support team.
Clicking your name will allow you to access your profile, settings and log out of Educonnex.

Icons in the Hamburger menu and their function include:

Toggle switch to determine whether you want to return to the Menu or the last menu you visited after closing the menu.
Allows you to toggle the Bookmarks Bar on or off.
Contrast toggle switch to choose between a light or dark themed Menu.
This will take you directly to your personal Settings page

The Humburger Menu

The Menu provides access modules within Educonnex.  The access rights set by your school’s Educonnex administrator determines which modules you will see.  The screenshot below shows that Reports has been added as a Favourite and that items have been added to the Bookmarks Bar. The arrows indicate that there are further menus to choose from once you click on that menu item.

The Home Page

The content of the Home Page will vary from school to school depending on what the school wishes to display. There are four functions that are available: CalendarAction Required, School Links and My Children.

CalendarThe calendar allows you to see upcoming school events that are applicable to you. You can move through the calendar by days or pick a specific date.  You can also click on a particular event and see the details of that event. Personal diary entries can also be created from here.
Actions RequiredThe Action required box displays items that need to be actioned that relate to you or the children/students that are under your care. Once you click on the item that requires action, you will be directed to the relevant screen to action that item.
School LinksLinks to any internal or external websites that your school wishes to display to users will appear here.
My ChildrenAny children that you have under your care will be displayed on your home page.  You can click on any of these children from this page and it will direct you to their profile, according to your access rights.

Clickable Items

There are many buttons that are various colours with various pictures in them.  You can click on all of these items for further information.  These are usually located in any community member’s profile.
These currently appear above the Actions option and allow quick access to contact details, general alerts and medical alerts in a community members profile.
This is a drop-down menu that gives you multiple options as to actions that can be completed for the screen you are currently on.  
Tabs are also available on many screens. Click on any of these options and you will view further information.


On many screens there are lists. You can often click on an item in the list to view further information.  When you hover over the line it will become grey, showing that it is clickable.

Multiple windows of Educonnex can be open at any given time so that you can view numerous screens within Educonnex at the same time. To do this either:

  • Open a new tab and click on the Educonnex link from your school page OR
  • Right click on the Educonnex Tab in your browser area and click Duplicate.