Free Text Field Settings

If you would like to include additional text that is not linked to a particular subject or student in your academic report (eg, Principal’s message), you need to configure the Free Text Field section to your needs.  

To create a text field:

  1. Click  Add Free Text Field. The Free Text Field window appears.
  2. Fill in the relevant information.  
  1. Click Save.
  2. Close the window. The free text field will be added to the list.

To create another free text field, repeat the steps above OR click the + button (left side of existing staff’s free text field).

To reorder the appearance of free text fields in the academic report:

  1. Click Reorder.
  2. Drag & drop or click the up and down arrows to reorder the free text fields.
  3. Click Save to save your changes.  

The exact position of the appearance of the text in the academic report will be defined by the template according to the requirements provided during the creation of the template.