Entering Late Arrivals or Early Departures from Student Profile Page

To enter a late arrival or early departure:

  1. Go to Menu > School Community > Search Students.
  2. Search and select the student you are looking for. 
  3. Click the Attendance button in the student’s profile.
  1. Select New Arrival or New Departure.

A new modal will appear depending on what you have selected.   

Early Departures

To see contact information for guardians of the student, click the green icon.

To see any active alerts for the student, click the amber icon – It is very important to check this as it may contain information about who is allowed to have access to the student.

To see any active medical alerts for the student, click the red icon.

  1. Complete the fields. 

Below is a description of each field:

Date/TimeArrival and DepartureOf arrival/departure.
ReasonArrival and DepartureExplanation of late arrival/early departure.
Collected ByDeparture onlyName of person collecting the child. The dropdown contains Guardians of the student, other community members with relationships in Educonnex, the student who is departing early, or ‘Other’. If ‘Other’ is chosen, select either ‘Community Member Search’ and begin typing the name for someone who is in Educonnex, or use ‘Collected By Name’ to enter the name of someone not in Educonnex. 
Authorised ByDeparture onlySelect the guardian who approved the early departure. This is not required and will not appear if a guardian is selected in Collect By. 
NotesArrival and DepartureThe field where information about the authorisation should be entered, such as method of contact and date/time when obtaining authorisation from the guardian, or additional information not contained within the other fields.
CategoriesArrival and DepartureThe category that the absence is to be placed in – this can be one or more categories – E.g. Sick and Chicken Pox – it is totally dependent on the school policies. Attendance Categories are maintained by the school’s administration person in the System Codes section.
Arrival/Departure is school approvedArrival and DepartureClick this box to mark the absence as School Approved, meaning it will not count towards any government attendance calculations. E.g. A student who is away at a regional sports carnival and therefore regarded as being present for attendance calculations but away from the school.
  1. Click Save.

The entry will now be listed. 

To edit details click the pencil icon.
To delete the entry click the deactivate icon.