To create a discount:

  1. Go to Menu > Finance > Discounts > Create New Discount.
  1. Complete the data entry fields.

Below is a description of each field: 

NameGive the discount a name.
CodeGive the discount a code. This could be just a short name.
TypeChoose whether it is a percentage discount or a fixed dollar amount discount.
ValueEither the dollar amount or the percentage rate.
SchoolChoose the school that this discount relates to.
Apply to all categoriesTick this box if you wish for this discount to be applied to all the categories that you have – otherwise, you will be able to choose a specific category.
AccountYou can let the account be the one that is already allocated to the category that you are going to assign to this product – or you can choose a different account (which will override the one assigned to the category).
DescriptionGive the product a more detailed explanation.
  1. Once completed click Save. A new screen will appear.

To add a discount to a category:

  1. Click the category button.
  1. Click Edit.
  2. Tick categories you wish for the discount to apply to.
  3. Click Save.

To view products the discount is applied to:

  1. Click the Products button.
  2. Filter accordingly.