Creating Enrolment Application

Not all Enquiries end up as applications.  Therefore Educonnex keeps the Enquiries and Applications quite separate.  Once an Enquiry does become an Application, to save re-entry of details, there is a quick conversion process available.

If you wish to create an application without having created an enrolment enquiry this is the process.

To create an enrolment application using the wizard

  1. Go to Menu → Enrolments → New Application Wizard. You are now on page 1 of the application wizard. 
  2. Fill in all the required fields.
  1. Click Next. You will be taken through a number of pages corresponding with the buttons located at the top right. These include Enrolment and Student Information, Relationships, Medical Details, Alerts, Notes and Files.
  2. Enter the relevant information on each page. 
  3. Once you have filled in all necessary information click Finish.

A new screen will appear. The application is now in the system and classed as Received.   

 You have now completed the New Enrolment Application Wizard.