Creating Courses

Prior to creating a course ensure the associated learning area must have been created.

To create a course

  1. Go to Menu > Curriculum Management > Subject Management.
    A new screen will appear.
  1. Select the Courses card.
  1. Click Actions > New Course.

The New Course screen appears. 

  1. Complete the data entry fields. Below is a description of each field:
Name (required)Name of the Course (English, Advanced English, Biology etc)
Code (required)Unique identifier of the Course
Units (optional)The unit value of the Course, if applicable.
Academic Level (required)The Academic Level it relates to (Year 1, Year 2 etc).
Learning Area (required)Select the Learning Area that it relates to (English, HSIE, Technology).
National Curriculum Subject (optional)If linking the Course to a National Curriculum Subject, select the appropriate subject here.
Include in Report (optional)Will this course be included in Academic Reporting?
Grading Method (required)What will be the main grading method for the overall subject mark. You have four options:
Marking: Allows you to decide on the full mark. You will then be required to add this mark into the student’s report.
Grading: Allows you to select a grading scheme which you can set up in the grades section of curriculum management. 
Marking and Grading: Allows you to have a mark which can then use a Conversion Scheme (from the Grades Section) to create a grade for the course.
Not Applicable: Use this for subjects that will not require grading. E.g. Home Room, Chapel
This will become the default for the subject when it is created. These can all be changed at subject level. Should a teacher change the way the subject is graded one semester – they can still manage that change at the Subject Level without losing the default options.
Default Outcome Grading Scheme (required)The Grading Scheme by which the Course Outcomes are assessed.
Archived (optional)Tick this box if this course will never be used again. This might be the case if the BOSTES happen to change the curriculum and therefore the content is quite different – creating a New Course is recommended.
Description (optional)A brief description of the course, if required.
  1. Click Save.
    The Course will now appear in the left column.

Under the course there now appears multiple tabs.  

  • Details – view course information
  • Outcomes – add course outcomes here
  • Subjects – view subjects linked to the course
  • Assessments – add assessment headers here