Creating Assessments for Classes

Prior to creating an assessment task for a class, there must be an ‘Assessment Header’ set up at a course level. This is so that all assessments linked to that header can be analysed at a future date.

Where multiple classes are completing the same assessment, separate assessments need to be set up in Educonnex.

To create an assessment task for a class:

  1. Go to Menu > Curriculum Management > Assessments. A new screen will appear. 
  1. Click Action > New Assessment.

The New Assessment screen appears. 

  1. Complete the data entry fields for the New Assessment.

Below is a description of each field:

ClassSearch for the class that you wish to give this assessment task to.
AssessableTick this box if this task forms part of the assessable tasks. Leave unticked if it is simply a class task.
Course AssessmentSearch for the Assessment Header that you have placed on the Course.
NameThe name of the Header Assessment will appear by default – however, you can change the name to suit your needs.
WeightingEnter the weighting of the task.
Available to StudentsEnter the date that you handed the assessment task to the students.
DueThis is the date that the task will be due.
Marking DueThis is the date the marking is due to be completed.
Assigned ToChoose the teacher who is responsible for the marking of this task.
Include in ReportThis will then place the assessment task in the Academic Reports if supported by the Academic Report template.
CategoriesAdd as many categories that you would like for this task. This is used for analysis later. You can have as many or as few categories as you feel fits. Examples of these are Examination, Topic Test, Presentation, Speech etc. Once you have a history built of assessment tasks, you will be able to see analytics across categories and courses.
DescriptionThis is a description of the task that can be as long or as short as you require.
  1. Complete the data entry fields for the Results Configuration. Below is a description of the field:
Grading MethodThis the grading method that will be used for this Assessment Task for the overall mark.
  1. Add sections to your Grading Method of choice. E.g. if you have an assessment that has 3 sections, multiple choice, short answer and extended responses, you can add a separate mark for each of these sections.To add a section:
  •  Click Add Section.
  • Enter relevant information. These data entry fields will differ depending on what Grading Method you have selected. An example of an in-progress assessment being made is below:
  • Click Save.   An example of a completed Results Configuration with 3 sections is below:
  1. Once completed, click Save.

Created assessments will appear in the left hand column. Each assessment will have three tabs:

  • Details
  • Outcomes – To edit which outcomes are applicable
  • Results – To add results

If the Assessment has the ‘Assessable’ checkbox ticked…

…a clickable reminder will appear in the Action Required section of the assigned staff member when the marking due date is approaching.

Grading Method = Marking with Grading

When Marking with Grading is selected as the Grading Method, both a Grading Scheme and a Conversion Scheme need to be selected. The number of levels in the Conversion Scheme to be selected must match up with the number of levels in the Grading Scheme. Once the Grading Scheme is selected, only those Conversion Schemes with the same number of levels as the Grading Scheme will show up in the drop-down selection list. If there are no matching Conversion Schemes, then nothing will appear in the drop-down selection list.

(Grading Schemes and Conversion Schemes are both set up at Curriculum Management > Grades).