Creating Ad Hoc Report

The output for these reports/extracts of information do not contain logos etc – you will need to complete that function after the extract has been completed. 

To build your own report:

  1. Go to Menu > Reports.
  2. Click Action > Create New Report.

The New Extract screen appears.

  1. Build your report following the description of each function below:
Add conditionsYou add conditions to limit the data you receive in your report. E.g You can select all students and then add a condition of ‘current’, showing only current students.
Available fieldsThe list of fields available that may be added to your report. Click on categories to see available fields under each. To select a field click and drag it into ‘Selected Fields’.
Selected FieldsOnce all the fields you need are in this area, you can change the order in which they appear in your report by clicking and dragging them to the desired location.
This will sort this field in this order – i.e. alphabetical, ascending or descending
This will allow you to use various functions – i.e sum, maximum, minimum, count, count distinct
This will allow you to remove the field.
This will remove duplicate entries.

At any time click Generate extract to preview what the report will look like.

  1. To change the wording of column headings in the report, click the Italic wording and edit accordingly.   
  1. Once completed click Save Report.

A new screen will appear.

  1. Complete the fields. 
  2. Click Save.