Creating a Staff Member

Staff members are created in Educonnex by creating a Staff Government Position on the existing community member record. A Staff Government Position is the main information about a staff member’s current position details. Only one Staff Government Position can be current at a time. 

This position information will be used for Educonnex data, as well as government census data and other reporting data. 

To add a Staff Government Position

  1. Search for the Community Member and open their record.
  2. Click Actions > Add New Staff Govt Position.

A new screen will appear.

  1. Complete the fields. Below is a description of each field:
Primary FTEThe Primary School Full Time Equivalent value for the staff member.
Secondary FTEThe Secondary School Full Time Equivalent value for the staff member.
CategoryThis should be the staff members main category with the highestFTE,if a staff member has the same FTE for two categories then select the one you wish to include in government reporting.
ClassificationFull-time, Part-Time or Not Applicable.
School areaGenerally primary, secondary or both primary and secondary, but other areas can be added under system codes.
Start DateThe date the staff member commenced in this position.
End DateThe last day the staff member held the position.
NotesAny other information you wish to include.
  1. Click Save.

When this process is complete, the community member will now be flagged as a Future or Current Staff member, depending on the start date of the Government Position. Additional Government Positions can be created by clicking the New Government Position icon.