Creating a Role

  1. Go to Menu > Administration > Security > Roles.
  1. Click  in the top right corner.
  2. Name the role. Enter a description to further clarify the role.
  3. To apply further restrictions to a role within a particular permission, tick Allow further restrictions to this role.
    Permissions, where this is available, will have an arrow appear. Click the arrow to view further restrictions.
  1. Click the various tabs to select appropriate accesses within each module.  By selecting the top checkbox of a column, access to that function will be given to all permissions beneath.

If you have selected to apply further restrictions, the checkboxes under that permission will remain unavailable until the header permission has been ticked. You can now apply further restrictions.

 Once restrictions have been applied the header permission will be labelled “Restricted’.

  1. Once completed click  in the top right corner, to save.

From this screen, you can either create a new role or delete, disable or edit the role being viewed.