Creating a Class

To create a class: 

  1. Go to Menu > Curriculum Management > Subject Management. A new screen will appear.
  1. Select the Classes card. A new screen will appear.
  1. Click Action > New Class

The New Class screen appears.  

4. Fill in the data entry fields.
Below is a description of each field:

SubjectChoose the Subject that it relates to.
NameAdd a name to the class – it will already pick up on the subject name so you are only adding the distinguishing letter or name that makes this class different to the rest. A or Austin or Alpha or Yellow etc.
Default Staff MemberThis is the teacher that will be teaching this class the most.
Duration TypeHow long will the subject run for – Full year, Term, Semester. This will then be visible on the list to the left – Term 1 or Term 2 or Blank if Full Year.
DescriptionThis is a simple description of the class should there be any special requirements.

5. Once completed click Save.
The class will now appear in the left column. Your screen will look similar to this: