Converting a Community Member to a User

To create a profile and add a role for an existing community member 

  1. In the community member profile, select the User Details icon.
  2. You will be asked to click here to create a user account:
  1. Select a login type (this will generally be Educonnex unless your IT department has advised otherwise)
  2. Specify a username (if you are using Active Directory, then this must be the user’s Active Directory login)
  3. Specify a password (not applicable if using Active Directory). This is a temporary password that the user will be asked to reset on their first login. 
  4. Click the New Role button
  1. Select a role from the available list
  1. If the role has certain access restrictions, you will be required to set the region, school and campus of the user. Unless your school is part of a group or has multiple campuses, you will generally only need to set the region. If unsure of which option to select, please contact your school’s Educonnex administrator for clarification.
  1. Click Save.

Users can be assigned multiple roles in Educonnex. To assign a second (or more) roles, repeat the above process from Steps 6 – 9
It is very important that the Roles have been set correctly as this determines the information that the Community Member will be able to access in the Educonnex System.