Confirming the Subjects Included in the Academic Report

After creating an academic report and selecting the academic levels that are to be included in the report (see Creating an Academic Report), you check the subjects and outcomes that should be included in the report per year level. By default, all subjects that were defined to be included in academic reporting when they were set up in Subject Management are included in the report.
To include or deselect subjects:

  1. Go to the Details tab of your academic report and click a year level under Academic Levels.
  1. Click Edit and select or deselect the relevant subjects.
  2. Drag and drop or use the up and down arrows to define in which order the subjects should appear in the report.
  3. Click Save to save the changes.

If a subject is missing, go to Subject Management and add the missing subject (see Subject Management).
Once the subject has been added under Subject Management, click Refresh Subjects and the subject will be added to the list.
To ensure that the classes linked to that particular subject are added, the report has to be re-configured after the Prepare for Student Entry action has been performed, but before the grades and outcomes are entered by teachers (see Reconfiguring an academic report).

Some display configuration on unique school templates is determined by one or more subjects being displayed in a specific order (eg. Pastoral Care may need to be the first subject listed in order for the a table to display in a specific place or way in the template). Please see the individual documentation that has been issued to your school or contact support to determine if there are specific subject ordering requirements for your template.