Confirming the Grading Method, Subject Outcomes, Descriptions and Comments

After selecting the subjects that are to be included in the academic report (see Confirming the subjects included in the academic report), you can make adjustments to the grading method and subject outcomes that should be included in the academic report. By default, the grading method and all outcomes defined under Subject Management are automatically included in the academic report.

To modify the grading method or outcomes:

  1. Go to the Details tab of your academic report and click a year level under Academic Levels.
  2. Select the subject for which you would like to change the grading method or outcomes.


  1. Click Edit to make changes or reorder the outcomes.

Reorder the outcomes using drag and drop

  1. Click Save to save the changes.

Description of the fields:

Grading MethodIf you change the grading method on this level, it will only be changed for the specific subject of the specific academic level for the specific academic report you are working on.
OutcomesSelect or deselect outcomes to include or exclude them from the academic report.Drag and drop outcomes to reorder them.If an outcome is missing but should be reported on, go to Subject Management and add the missing outcome. Once the outcome has been added under Subject Management, you have two options from this academic report screen:
Click Refresh and Delete Outcomes to add the new outcome to the list and removing the existing one in the academic report.Click Refresh Outcomes to add the new outcome to the list without removing the old one.
DescriptionIf your template supports subject descriptions, these can be added or edited in this field.
Include CommentsIf teachers should not be entering comments against students for a specific subject, deselect this option and the comment field will no longer appear on the student entry page for this subject.

Repeat the above steps for all subjects and academic levels.