This is where you set up all the categories that will allow you to group your products. You can create any number of Categories and each category can then have any number of subcategories. For example, your tree could look like this:

To create a new category:

  1. Go to Menu > Finance > Categories. Existing categories will be listed.
  1. Click Actions > New Category.

The New Category screen appears. 

  1. Complete the data entry fields. Below is a description of each field:
NameGive your Category a name.
CodeYou have the option to now give your Category a code. This may be a shorter name.
Default AccountChoose from the accounts that you have set up as the default account for this Category.  This can be overridden for one-off transactions.
Allow Payment ConfigurationTick this box if you will be allowing this category to be given a payment configuration – that is, allowing it to be paid over a period of time.
DescriptionEnter a more detailed description if you desire.
  1. Once completed click Save. Once the category has been created there are more options available to add products and discounts to that category. Click on the tabs to complete these functions.