Bulk User Creation

To create users in bulk:

  1. Go to Menu > Administration > Security > Users > Create Users
  2. Select Create Multiple Users
  1. Select a Username Format, Duplicate Username Suffix and Default Role
  1. Search for community members By default, all selected community members will receive the default role, a random password and will have a communication sent to them, if a communication is selected on the next step.
  2. Make any changes to the default options for all or individual users.
  1. Click Save

Random passwords cannot be retrieved from Educonnex as they are encrypted.

If you use this option, you must ensure that the community member is advised to use the Password Reset option on the login page of Educonnex to set a new password. Your school must be using the communications module and the user must have a contact method that matches the channel of the Password Reset.

If your school does not use the communications module, it is recommended that you set your own temporary passwords so these can be communicated to your users.

To send login details out in bulk

  1. Select if a communication should be sen. Communications can only be sent if your school is using the communications module. 
  1. Click the Tick. You will be redirected to the Bulk Creation History screen to see the results of the creation activity.

The Bulk Creation History screen can be accessed at any home to check previous batches of users that have been created in bulk by going to Menu > Administration > Security > Users > Bulk Creation History