Adding Classes to a Period

To add a class to a period:

  1. Click the Timetable tab.
  2. Hover under the period name.  

  1. Click the + sign which appears. A new data entry screen will appear. 

Only classes that have been created for the academic year level of the timetable will be available to add.

  1. Complete the data entry fields. 

Below is a description of each field:

ClassSearch for your class. You can add multiple classes to this period however it will be for a specific teacher and location. This function may be used for Chapel or Sport periods.
PeriodThe period to which you are adding a class.
Staff MemeberThe default Teacher will be visible that has been allocated at Class Level in the Subjects Module. You can choose a different staff member or add more staff members at this stage.
LocationChoose the Location of the class.
  1. Click Save. The class will now appear in the allocated period, colour matched to the year group it has been assigned with. 

Multiple classes can be added to a single period. If these classes are independent of each other data must be entered for one class at a time.

  1. Continue this process until you have all your timetable entered.

Shortcuts when completing this process include:

FunctionHow (PC)How (Mac, using Chrome)
Moving a class to a different periodClick and dragClick and drag
Creating a double period9 Identifiable by grey dotted border)Shift, click and drag (for all browsers except Chrome) Click, shift and drag (for Chrome only)Click and hold, then shift, then drag
Copying a class to another periodControl, click and dragClick and hold, then control+option, then drag

A finished product will look similar to this: